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Alcohol Detox at Beacon Point Treatment Center can help set you free from your addiction. Detoxing should never be done alone but rather qualified experts with a proven track record, because the withdrawal symptoms are dangerous. Our specialist helps countless patients work through detox in a safe and caring environment while incorporating the latest therapies and treatments.

Personalized Treatment that works


At Beacon Point Treatment Center, inpatient treatment begins with our clinicians capturing a solid understanding of your particular situation. Our treatment team will assess your medical health, mental health, and substance use history to develop an individualized drug and alcohol rehab plan that is right for you.

Dynamic Addiction Treatment


Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t end when you leave Beacon Point Recovery! We know that having an excellent Aftercare Plan is crucial to your success.  We pair each client with an Aftercare specialist that works with each client before they leave.

Science-based inpatient addiction programs

We Offer The Best Support For You

Beacon Point Treatment Center provides science-based inpatient addiction programs for adults with a primary diagnosis of Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder (SUD), including detoxification. With state of the art facilities, we’re proud to provide an exceptional residential level of care. We support and care for clients, their families, and loved ones coupled with our Philadelphia and PA state-wide communities. We’re proud to support the state of Pennsylvania’s state and local government agencies by helping clients recover from addiction and sustain their sobriety.

Our addiction treatment center provides medical detoxification to residential treatment for addiction to Alcohol, Opiates, Benzodiazepines, and other addictive substances and medications.


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We work with most major private insurance carriers, organized labor, large and small employers, local governments, healthcare providers, and community organizations to provide high-quality addiction recovery treatment to those suffering from the pain of addiction.

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Most Insurance Plans Accepted​

We strive to make sure that anyone who needs treatment to overcome their addiction can get the help they require. Therefore, we accept most insurance plans for our treatment programs. If you don’t have insurance, contact us to inquire about alternative opinions about treatment for yourself or a loved one.